Corporate identity
Corporate identity
Committed to every educational approach


The need for maximisation of the educational approach, as well as the research for new elements of educational innovation, require a focus on areas of high singularity such as inclusion, communication or strategic training, always based on scientific evidence. The transformation of classrooms is accelerating without there being a systematic support for leadership teams in all areas, to help them take decisions on how to differentiate their offer in a context of great complexity.

Evidentia is a consultancy in inclusion, communication, marketing, training, technology and new paradigms for educational institutions. All the pluriannual plans and services that we build together with our clients are based on scientific evidence. Our proposals are accompanied by the best experts in each field and follow the directives of the Educational Horizon 2030.

We work with our own methodology, called Canvas, which includes processes of diagnosis, gradual implementation of actions and evaluation, following the phases of the restoration of a masterpiece painting and in harmony with the educational approach of the centre. We focus on the new languages such as oratory, programming, sign-language, critical analysis of the media, digital and audio-visual literacy and the reduction of educational and social failure.

Santi Serrano Alarcón
Santi Serrano Alarcón

I am a founding partner of Evidentia, a Forestry Engineer and Master in e-learning from various European universities. I worked for 20 years as Director for state-subsidised centres and Manager for the Mediterranean for the British Publisher Macmillan, renowned for its language publications and scientific magazines such as Nature.

I have also been Commercial Director for Activa, which is the leading company in the area of extra-curricular activities, as well as judge for the First Lego League and author of three books on education. My personal moto is ‘Always onward’, and my maxim is: ‘We all win or there is no agreement’.


We are a multi-disciplinary team of partners each with several decades of experience in the management of centres, teacher- and management-training, certification, multilingualism, publishing, inclusion, extra-curricular activities, e-learning, languages and educational alliances.

We are also based in Chile, through an alliance with Insight Consulting.