Metrics and anonymity against bullying

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Metrics and anonymity against bullying

Harassment and cyberbullying are undoubtedly two of the major problems facing any family or educational institution today. It is an epidemic that must be firmly answered by society as a whole.

Various cases of bullying end up truncating lives and causing an educational crisis. Aware of this, in Evidentia and Insight Consulting Chile we look for a wide palette of tools and specialists to be able to overcome these situations successfully. Few days ago we announced an agreement with Instituto Escalae to implement KiVa in English in educational institutions, and today we inform about an agreement with protOS Educational Solutions to complement the holistic, pedagogical and formative actions that the Finnish program provides with Zeroacoso, state-of-the-art technology that allows the early and anonymous warning of the people harassed through communication messages plotted and the metric analysis of massive data coming from the users themselves. In this way, it is possible to interpret trends after meta-tagging a group of messages by the counselors who respond on the platform. All this actions are oriented to decision-making and to provide early help at school or social level.

The collaboration agreement, which will allow Zeroacoso to be integrated into the Comprehensive Crisis Plans in Spain and Chile, has been signed by Pablo Cervera, CEO of protOS, and Santi Serrano, founding partner of Evidentia.

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