Crisis Cabinet in Santander

santander gabinete de crisis
Crisis Cabinet in Santander

On June 12, Santi Serrano conducted a bonus training (Fundae) of eight hourscrisis cabinet in Santander in the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria.

Under the title "Crisis Cabinet in Action", the Director of Evidentia developed a case study related to a cyber attack to an important business school. Attendees, members of management teams and boards of directors, analyzed and lived a simulated cybersecurity crisis and had to respond as a compact and prepared crisis cabinet, with agility, transparency, rigor and personal story.

Among the different concepts developed during the day is the cabinet operation, the drafting of elements, the preparation of the spokesman, the legal implications or the response in cyberspace to an attack by a hacker.

Evidentia carries out training actions related to the Comprehensive Crisis Plan in different formats, in person or online, in workshop mode, full day or long courses, with the possibility of rewarding such training by Fundae.


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