According to Harvard, Evidentia stands out for its authentic leadership.

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According to Harvard, Evidentia stands out for its authentic leadership.

The eighth edition of the Master in Management and Leadership of the University of Lleida has been completed. It has been organized by Ingenio Leadership School and has been coordinated by Sara Sampedro, Managing Director of this business school.

The Master applies each year the True North Leadership Model, developed at Harvard Business School by Bill George and his team of collaborators. In addition to implementing the master lines of this model during the academic sessions of the Master, the participating students choose companies from their environment and coordinate among their leaders and teams to carry out a survey prepared by Harvard to measure authentic leadership. Such 360-degree assessments include aspects of the personal, interpersonal, strategic and ethical leadership of the organization leader, and provide overall results on a percentage scale that measures authentic leadership in the organization.

One of the students of this edition of the Master has studied the leadership style of Evidentia through the analysis of the self-evaluation of its General Director, Santi Serrano, and the Harvard surveys answered by its employees and collaborators. The results supported by the University have been the following:

  • The authentic leadership of the CEO of Evidentia has a value of 87%, being the historical average of said parameter studied for all the previous companies of 78%.
  • It stands out especially the ethical leadership, with a value of 92%.
  • The general GAP, that is, the difference between the valuations of the leader and the followers in Evidentia, stands at -8%, below 10%, so the results are significant and robust.

These results have appeared in local media along with other companies studied in this edition of the Master.

Evidentia includes its code of ethics as an annex to the service provision contract for clients that contract the Comprehensive Crisis Plan. Organizations must follow their "True North" not only in times of peace but, especially, in times of crisis.

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